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OPSH Kitchen Design Series – Epicurean


A kitchen provides physical and spiritual nourishment, and for many homes it is the heart and soul of family life.

Here, we built kitchens with crisp cabinetry to sleek spaces with built-in appliances to those with petite footprints, all designed to make the room as pleasing to the eye as it is to cook in.


OPSH Optical Glass Sliding Door


soft_close_thumbnailYour wardrobe could well be the largest items of furniture in your room, so it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as much as function. OPSH floor-to ceiling optical glass sliding doors are great, cost and space effective solution for any home. It provides a clean, minimalist and fashionable finish which looks stunning in any room setting.

OPSH’s Optical Glass Door is 50% lighter compare to traditional panel and high scratch and heat resistance. The white glass surface finishing creates a simple and fresh appearance. It is at the heart of this contemporary bedroom design and should complement your bedroom furniture whilst also being an integral part of any home re-organisation.

Together with our latest soft close system directly imported from Germany, with a push, the mechanism in the soft close will automatically reduce the speed and buffer the doors gently shut.

Glass Kitchen

Blending function and art, this glass kitchen by OPSH offer unique kitchen design with smooth, glossy contemporary finish that provide a modern look. In smaller homes lacking plentiful windows, a large glass screen is a great alternative to solid walls. It creates the division between rooms but allows the available light.

Wherever possible, appliances are integrated, like refrigerators and microwave. Ample storage and bench space ensure several people can work in the kitchen at the same time.

To provide an easy base for modern living and casual entertaining, the kitchen needed to be in the heart of the home, and open to the outdoors. The use of sliding transparent glass panels is an innovative idea for the architectural planning of small apartment flats. It preserve an open, luminous appearance is satisfied by using large floor-to-ceiling glass panels that slide in runners fixed to the ceiling.






Extraordinary Adjustable Bookshelf

If you are looking for a highly adjustable bookshelf that can accommodate the very largest to the very smallest books, this is it.

Adjustable: The OPSH Pole storage system allows you to shelf disparate sized books side by side. Unlike traditional bookshelves where you can only adjust the shelves based on the holes provided or drilling an extra hole to place the stopper, the Pole system has moveable shelves, just move them according to the height you require. (ie. no more piling books horizontally on top of each other to utilise that extra inch of space)

Customizable: If you need extra shelves, don’t worry about changing or chucking out the bookshelf. You can simply add a modular unit into the pole system according to your needs. The champagne colored glass doors with celtic ash internal frame are both aesthetically pleasing and practical in keeping dust out.

Durable: The aluminium pole is sleek and durable that withstands even the most demanding users (and books).


OPSH Kitchen @ Depot Road

At OPSH KITCHENS we have been producing the finest kitchen furnishings on the market. Through the years we have assembled a remarkable team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, finishers and artisans who together have made the company one of the industry’s leading in custom made kitchen and wardrobe.
OPSH’s hundreds of possible color and finish combinations can be used to create truly unique designs. Each kitchen program is the result of years of experience and product research combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to develop the most functional and stylish kitchens available.

OPSH Kitchen Review from Alex Lim

From Alex Lim,

If you have a malfunction kitchen, leaking water pipe or rotten-out kitchen cabinet like I had, I believe it is time to renovate the kitchen.

Two months ago I had approached OPSH to design and renovate the kitchen for my house.

OPSH designer is very helpful and paid attention to every detail. For example, the number of cabinet shelves we need, material and the color combination. At first I am quite doubtful about the combination of red, black and white because I never see any of my friend use those colors together in their kitchen. Well, they are right and I am very happy with their products and services.


Old kitchen : Rotten-out bottom of kitchen sink cabinet.

Old kitchen :  A leak was ignored for so long that the bottom of the cabinet rotted out

My new kitchen!

My new kitchen from the side

Look at their craftsmanship! Unlike my old kitchen cabinet, it were installed unevenly. This is what I call.. STRAIGHT!


Testimonial for OPSH Wardrobe and kitchen

It has been a year since I moved into my new house at Pinnacle@duxton. Like many first time house owners, I spent many hours surfing the internet to look for reputable company to renovate our new house. After weeks of research, my wife and I decided to let OPSH to do our kitchen and wardobe.

OPSH designer gave us a lot of nice advices regarding the wardrobe and kitchen design, especially the tricks of how to positing the wardrobe to save space and cover ugly wall wiring.  Most importantly, they able to work around the design within our tight budget.

Amazing right? I had my doubt about the strength of pole system wardrobe last time. But after using it for a year, I realise it just a strong as the traditional cupboard. My wife and I simply just throw in all our clothes, lugguage and shoes, close the sliding doors and the room look neat again. Haha…

Here is our kitchen. Look the same since we moved it. Good construction and quality. : )

Extendable drawer! The drawer give my wife the extra space she needs for her weekend baking session. Push it back and save the space. She just love it!

From OPSH customer’s John

Testimonials for OPSH Kitchen

From : Irene Ng (OPSH’s customer)

I wasn’t allowed to enter the kitchen when young. The kitchen was my mother’s “territory”. Now that we are older, she finally allowed some access, but it’s still primarily HER place at home. So imagine her horror when the kitchen base rotted. She couldn’t cook for a few days when renovating and was she upset! Turns out our kitchen’s base, which was made of cement and bricks, degenerated due to water pipe’s leakage. Water seeped through and coupled with humidity, it cracked and gave way.

OPSH’s innovative kitchen system has a unique base allowing space between the kitchen cabinet and floor tiles. This greatly reduces humidity and cracks thus inhibits pest breeding. It’s also easy to clean and unlike cemented kitchen base, the special kitchen base is cost-effective yet sturdy. An additional perk is the new design prevents excessive damage to floor tiles, which is a primary concern for secondary flat buyers.

We can choose the colour of kitchen base’s cover. My mom? She was just happy to cook in the kitchen once again.

Space between the base cover and the kitchen base to reduce humidity.

OPSH Kitchen

Sometimes referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food and, depending on the size, can be used to eat and entertain guests. In Ancient Greek homes, this room was a central open air patio but it was not until around 1800 that the stove, which enclosed fire completely, made cooking indoors possible. As technology advances, so do kitchens’ design and efficiency. The introduction of the kitchen island has lent more flexibility to the positioning of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen sinks, and helped make open plan kitchens and dining rooms a reality.

We work closely with all our customers to ensure that each project receives the focus and attention it deserves. Your surroundings have the power to influence your well-being and care needs to be taken to ensure both beauty and functionality. With this in mind, we work closely alongside our customers, helping to select the most suitable elements to fit your needs. For a complete list of how OPSH Kitchen Design can assist you, call 64666621 or visit our showroom at 450 Sims Ave, Singapore

Here are some of the advantage of our unique kitchen base design that

  1. Save money
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Control pest breeding by reduce humidity and cracks  on the floor
  4. No floor tile damaged