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6 reasons OPSH Pole System is going to change your life

Have you heard of how eco-friendly OPSH pole system can be? Proud owners of our products had their pole system wardrobes dismantled and sent back to Korea to be reinstalled again. It is not only cost-saving but it saves the Earth. It is highly customizable and you will be surprised by what it can do to beautify your home and as well as maximizing your home storage space.


1. Book-Worm Favourite
Being a book fanatic is no longer a big issue. With pole system book cabinets, you have more than enough space to store your books within the cabinets to place hundreds or even thousands of books. The clear glass sliding door makes it easy for you to find the book you want and you have your own home library with style. You will be surprised to know that you can put a recommended weight of 20kg on your bookshelf.


2. For the Lazy
Everything is at a glance and if you do not have space for a walk in wardrobe, why not an open concept pole system wardrobe? You can just grab and go and yet everything is still tidy. No more worries about hanger space because it is highly customized for you! You can even hide the mirror placed on the pole system with a shutter.


3. The Luxurious Style
Walk-in wardrobes are women’s best friends. With pole system walk-in wardrobes, you can customize your storage space and even place a dresser in it! From the ground to the ceiling, every space is utilized for your perusal with pole system walk-in wardrobes. Giving you a grand entrance with our optical glass sliding doors, you have a luxurious walk-in wardrobe specially just for you.


4. Open-Concept Office Workspace
Beyond your imagination, we bring to you the pole system workspace. It maximizes space in either your office or your home and your drawers and shelving system can be customized to your liking. Having a home office is not an issue anymore because the pole system workspace is neat and can be built anywhere in your house. Open concept offices with the pole system workspace will not only be nice but it will also be catered to your needs.


5. Play Hide and Seek with your Household Tools
Your eyes are not playing tricks with you. The iron board can be customized into a pullout system and installed within our pole system. What better storage solution than a pole system that have shelves above the iron board to put the required household tools and a pullout ironing board beneath them? This is a great help when you are doing the arduous household chores!


6. Entertainment in your wardrobe
There is no need for your usual TV console when you have our pole system. We can hide your entertainment equipments right in your wardrobe and our pole system can withstand heavy TV, DVD players, game consoles and many more. No more dust on your equipments as they are well-hidden away!




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Retractable mirror

No space for that full-sized mirror in your (already sharing with sister/brother/husband/wife) small bedroom? Most of us substitute that luxury with these:


However, the OPSH’s retractable mirror has a unique easy pull-out and rotary feature, not only does it clears floor space, the sliding wardrobe mirror enables you to extend and retreat whenever you need, maximising your living area. The adjustable angles also allows for bigger flexibility. Whilst a full-length mirror might make the room seem over “girly”, this compact feature is designed for both genders.

Accessories – Display cabinet

How do you keep your earrings/necklaces/belts or any other accessories?

Neat and easy-to-find: Keeping jewellery in different boxes/packets is not only messy, but also time-consuming especially if you are rushing in the morning and the last thing you wanna do is rake through those tangled chains and stacked mini boxes. Chances are, you’ll be lazy to accessories and those pretties will be hidden and under-used over time.No pulling out crumpled ties and loose belts anymore as our accessories cabinet gives you a neat, clear view of all your accessories in a glance.

Clean and dust-free: Exposure to light and air erodes jewellery, hanging belts will also make them loose tension over-time. Our accessories cabinet keeps your accessories tidy and dust free.

Compartments for your precious items: “Where’s my ring?” If you ever had one of those moments, you’ll be glad our clear view cabinet saves you from unnecessary stress. Including your phone, ipod and any other important accessories you want to keep away from your young children as you store them in your wardrobe, hidden from view.

The 4”E”s to Lighting up your life

The 4”E”s to Lighting up your life

When one becomes two, so does the wardrobe size. After saying the big “I do” and moving into our very own house, we realised sharing our lives also means big adjustments to our living space. Putting two closets together just makes for one big four letter word- MESS. As my husband needs to wake up earlier than I do for work, it’s not unusual to hear him mumbling in the wee hours “Where is that shirt/sock/towel?” since he can’t switch on the central lighting without waking me up. Until we were introduced to OPSH’s Wardrobe lighting system.

The elegant wardrobe system comes with a smart motion sensor system that automatically switches on lights in the wardrobe when movement is detected. Not only does it have a walkin wardrobe feel (every woman’s dream!), finding things became a breeze. No longer does he need to grope for his clothes in the dark, the integrated LED technology is also bright without being flashy, better still, energy-saving and cost-effective. Unlike older lighting fixtures, the Wardrobe lighting system switches on instantly instead of flickering for half a second or more.

The OPSH’s Wardrobe system definitely deserves a big four-letter again, but this time, it’s the 4”E”s: Elegant, Energy-saving, Economical and total Enhancement to our living space. :)

Convert Men Closet to Women Closet (Part 2)

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Have you been overdoing your shopping during the post new year sale? Like every woman, shoes, bags and clothes are never too many. We just have to make ourselves look alluring all the time, surely the men won’t object to this!

Is your mum already nagging, is your wardrobe space running out, or the boyfriend complaining that your clothes are soon piling up on the bed! Don’t worry, we have a customising solution for everyone. Build an extension to your existing OPSH closet and you will soon be sorted.

You can add on more shelves and a full length mirror, and save trips to the furniture shops shopping for a bigger cupboard! One more cabinet for dresses? Another compartment for shoes? Extra space for new jeans? No problem, you can just add as many as you wish (if only you have enough space, of course!).

If you’re already moving in with the boyfriend, here’s another reason to celebrate by extending his existing wardrobe with us! Or converting half his wardrobe space to yours? We are more than willing to help! Here’s an evil idea, you can even convert his wardrobe to and don’t tell him we taught you that!

The big boy’s entertainment corner

Ask any man what they would love to have in their ideal home, I bet it is something to do with gadgets. My boyfriend would love to have a playstation corner where he can invite all his best mates over for some games and drinks.

Another of my male friends enjoys watching DVDs in the comfort of his home, and he spent a fortune building up his home theatre system. Big plasma screen, massage chairs accompanied by huge quality speakers.

A normal TV console will do the job for a television, DVD player and maybe a closet of DVD collection. But what if you’ve more…? A Nintendo Wii, Sony playstation, anold record player, a digital or retro-looking radio set and maybe a couple of speakers to enjoy the surround sound effect!

OPSH allows you to design your own shelving system. High or low, wide or narrow…? A bigger space on the left for Wii, a smaller space in the centre for DVD player, or even hide the magazines in the drawers. You can design it the way you want it!

Have we got your creative juice flowing? Why not try your hands on doing up a sketch and send it to us by 31st July 2010, we will be giving 10% discount for the top 5 designs- Fashion closet or Entertainment storage system.

Email your sketches to and closing date is 31 July 2010

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Maximize your storage space vertically

How many of you live in the new HDB flats? Please raise your hands. I assume most of the new flats now do come with inbuilt wardrobe as it is what I witness at my cousin’s Buangkok’s flat and also my uncle’s at Tampines. As the new flats are so much smaller than the olden days’ apartments, HDB cleverly helps to integrate the inbuilt wardrobe in some of the new flats. The downside of it is that you can’t decide where you want it and what compartments to have.

I’m living in one of the older flats, that is over 20 years. We have much bigger rooms, nothing was inbuilt when it was bought. Good and bad? I can decide to have a small cupboard or a big one anytime. I can always remove them or make space for other things. As I grow older, a small cupboard is replaced by a bigger one. As time past, my sister and I each decided to have our own, because it was too quarrelsome to share. And even now, we wish we can expand it further!

But… there isn’t any more room.

My sister began to stack boxes of her stuff on top of her cupboard. I also tried to do the same. But still there are spaces we couldn’t reach and things get easily dusty and constantly nee cleaning. Sometimes I wish I can utilise all the space up there to store all the things that are now hidden under the bed or hiding in boxes.

OPSH seems to be able to offer me a solution. They can custom-make my wardrobe, it means I’ll have 15-20% more storage space right up to my ceiling! Wonderful!!

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Build a Sex and the City closet of your own

How to fulfil your dream of building a Sex and the City closet of your own?

A walk-in closet is every woman’s dream! Having said that, living in a Singapore HDB with space constraint, we have to be very wise with the use of our space. A double bed can easily take up half of the room in the new flat nowadays. Unlike Carrie’s, her bedroom is like the size of our lounge and her walk-in closet is easily the size of a guestroom in our flat!

So, how? How am I going to fulfil this dream?

My hopes are almost dashed till I realised there is this service where I can manually create my ideal wardrobe! They custom make them according to my liking! It means, I need not buy a ready made cupboard which doesn’t have the ideal compartments I want. I have lots of leggings and it is a headache how I have to dig through them each morning I want to wear them! I love to have my jackets hanged and the t-shirts and bottoms nice folded and separated according to their types. I also want to hang up my ties, oh, who says women can’t have ties? ;)

Now, I remember also that I have 3 boxes of accessories. I need a drawer for those too! These are all not a problem if I can get it customised! I’m beginning to really like this idea, I am able to utilise my space to suit exactly what I want and need at the same time. So often, we often need something but we are not able to get what we want. So we make do with whatever we can get. I guess, this is called evolution, and you’ve to discover this for yourself!

My Sex & the City Closet!

Feel free to email us your dream of Sex and City closet design sketches at

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