OPSH Optical Glass Sliding Door


soft_close_thumbnailYour wardrobe could well be the largest items of furniture in your room, so it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as much as function. OPSH floor-to ceiling optical glass sliding doors are great, cost and space effective solution for any home. It provides a clean, minimalist and fashionable finish which looks stunning in any room setting.

OPSH’s Optical Glass Door is 50% lighter compare to traditional panel and high scratch and heat resistance. The white glass surface finishing creates a simple and fresh appearance. It is at the heart of this contemporary bedroom design and should complement your bedroom furniture whilst also being an integral part of any home re-organisation.

Together with our latest soft close system directly imported from Germany, with a push, the mechanism in the soft close will automatically reduce the speed and buffer the doors gently shut.


Champagne Optical Glass for Kitchen


Simple, functional yet stylishly unique. OPSH designed a kitchen island next to the dining room to define the space between the kitchen and the living room. The kitchen islands double as an additional counter that allows the family and friends to interactive with one another when the house owner does the cooking. 

Bold material choice of the unique and rare champagne color optical glass from OPSH gives the kitchen a classic feel. It features the classic clean lines and minimalist look of modern architecture as well as the traditional work triangle layout. 

OPSH optical glass is 60% lighter compare to traditional panel and high scratch and heat resistance. It can be so used on the kitchen cabinet in varied size and shape.