OPSH Modern Kitchen Design


Your kitchen is the heart of the home. Even if you’re not an avid cook, the kitchen is the space that most people like to entertain in and enjoy spending time with family. A poor layout can result in retracing your steps and spending more time in the kitchen can be a turn off to enjoy cooking.


ImageA well-designed kitchen has minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. In this project, since space was tight, we went vertical and horizontal, stacking the cabinets at every corner. It helps the home owner to keep thing clean and organized.

Kitchen can be as beautiful as you want them to be. To make the kitchen even more well-designed and welcoming, we add the correct lighting fixture to boost the visual appearance of your cooking area while ensuring that the room is comfortable to all visitors and family members.


With the exposure of water, heat, sharp knives and more, OPSH use the latest generation of optical glasses as our first choice of kitchen material.

It comprise of aluminium frame slim trimmed profile in mat black coating with a touch of our unique painted champagne glass finish. The slim trimmed frame works enhances the overall look & feel with wider vision & clarity created by the glass effects.

Optical glasses are light weight panels, it reduces load stress on all hinges, drawers and mechanisms by 50% as compared to a normal glass obtain in the market. This enables all ironmongeries to last longer and high resistance to scratches as compared to acrylic & spray painted surfaces.

Furthermore, it provides a smooth, uniform & flat surface, there will be no uneven waves, bubbles or ugly pop ups formed on the surface, especially after fabricating large panels & huge quantity for development projects.

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