Extraordinary Adjustable Bookshelf

If you are looking for a highly adjustable bookshelf that can accommodate the very largest to the very smallest books, this is it.

Adjustable: The OPSH Pole storage system allows you to shelf disparate sized books side by side. Unlike traditional bookshelves where you can only adjust the shelves based on the holes provided or drilling an extra hole to place the stopper, the Pole system has moveable shelves, just move them according to the height you require. (ie. no more piling books horizontally on top of each other to utilise that extra inch of space)

Customizable: If you need extra shelves, don’t worry about changing or chucking out the bookshelf. You can simply add a modular unit into the pole system according to your needs. The champagne colored glass doors with celtic ash internal frame are both aesthetically pleasing and practical in keeping dust out.

Durable: The aluminium pole is sleek and durable that withstands even the most demanding users (and books).