Testimonials for OPSH Kitchen

From : Irene Ng (OPSH’s customer)

I wasn’t allowed to enter the kitchen when young. The kitchen was my mother’s “territory”. Now that we are older, she finally allowed some access, but it’s still primarily HER place at home. So imagine her horror when the kitchen base rotted. She couldn’t cook for a few days when renovating and was she upset! Turns out our kitchen’s base, which was made of cement and bricks, degenerated due to water pipe’s leakage. Water seeped through and coupled with humidity, it cracked and gave way.

OPSH’s innovative kitchen system has a unique base allowing space between the kitchen cabinet and floor tiles. This greatly reduces humidity and cracks thus inhibits pest breeding. It’s also easy to clean and unlike cemented kitchen base, the special kitchen base is cost-effective yet sturdy. An additional perk is the new design prevents excessive damage to floor tiles, which is a primary concern for secondary flat buyers.

We can choose the colour of kitchen base’s cover. My mom? She was just happy to cook in the kitchen once again.

Space between the base cover and the kitchen base to reduce humidity.


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