OPSH Kitchen

Sometimes referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food and, depending on the size, can be used to eat and entertain guests. In Ancient Greek homes, this room was a central open air patio but it was not until around 1800 that the stove, which enclosed fire completely, made cooking indoors possible. As technology advances, so do kitchens’ design and efficiency. The introduction of the kitchen island has lent more flexibility to the positioning of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen sinks, and helped make open plan kitchens and dining rooms a reality.

We work closely with all our customers to ensure that each project receives the focus and attention it deserves. Your surroundings have the power to influence your well-being and care needs to be taken to ensure both beauty and functionality. With this in mind, we work closely alongside our customers, helping to select the most suitable elements to fit your needs. For a complete list of how OPSH Kitchen Design can assist you, call 64666621 or visit our showroom at 450 Sims Ave, Singapore

Here are some of the advantage of our unique kitchen base design that

  1. Save money
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Control pest breeding by reduce humidity and cracks  on the floor
  4. No floor tile damaged

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