Retractable mirror

No space for that full-sized mirror in your (already sharing with sister/brother/husband/wife) small bedroom? Most of us substitute that luxury with these:


However, the OPSH’s retractable mirror has a unique easy pull-out and rotary feature, not only does it clears floor space, the sliding wardrobe mirror enables you to extend and retreat whenever you need, maximising your living area. The adjustable angles also allows for bigger flexibility. Whilst a full-length mirror might make the room seem over “girly”, this compact feature is designed for both genders.

Accessories – Display cabinet

How do you keep your earrings/necklaces/belts or any other accessories?

Neat and easy-to-find: Keeping jewellery in different boxes/packets is not only messy, but also time-consuming especially if you are rushing in the morning and the last thing you wanna do is rake through those tangled chains and stacked mini boxes. Chances are, you’ll be lazy to accessories and those pretties will be hidden and under-used over time.No pulling out crumpled ties and loose belts anymore as our accessories cabinet gives you a neat, clear view of all your accessories in a glance.

Clean and dust-free: Exposure to light and air erodes jewellery, hanging belts will also make them loose tension over-time. Our accessories cabinet keeps your accessories tidy and dust free.

Compartments for your precious items: “Where’s my ring?” If you ever had one of those moments, you’ll be glad our clear view cabinet saves you from unnecessary stress. Including your phone, ipod and any other important accessories you want to keep away from your young children as you store them in your wardrobe, hidden from view.