The 4”E”s to Lighting up your life

The 4”E”s to Lighting up your life

When one becomes two, so does the wardrobe size. After saying the big “I do” and moving into our very own house, we realised sharing our lives also means big adjustments to our living space. Putting two closets together just makes for one big four letter word- MESS. As my husband needs to wake up earlier than I do for work, it’s not unusual to hear him mumbling in the wee hours “Where is that shirt/sock/towel?” since he can’t switch on the central lighting without waking me up. Until we were introduced to OPSH’s Wardrobe lighting system.

The elegant wardrobe system comes with a smart motion sensor system that automatically switches on lights in the wardrobe when movement is detected. Not only does it have a walkin wardrobe feel (every woman’s dream!), finding things became a breeze. No longer does he need to grope for his clothes in the dark, the integrated LED technology is also bright without being flashy, better still, energy-saving and cost-effective. Unlike older lighting fixtures, the Wardrobe lighting system switches on instantly instead of flickering for half a second or more.

The OPSH’s Wardrobe system definitely deserves a big four-letter again, but this time, it’s the 4”E”s: Elegant, Energy-saving, Economical and total Enhancement to our living space. :)

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