Convert Men Closet to Women Closet (Part 2)

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Have you been overdoing your shopping during the post new year sale? Like every woman, shoes, bags and clothes are never too many. We just have to make ourselves look alluring all the time, surely the men won’t object to this!

Is your mum already nagging, is your wardrobe space running out, or the boyfriend complaining that your clothes are soon piling up on the bed! Don’t worry, we have a customising solution for everyone. Build an extension to your existing OPSH closet and you will soon be sorted.

You can add on more shelves and a full length mirror, and save trips to the furniture shops shopping for a bigger cupboard! One more cabinet for dresses? Another compartment for shoes? Extra space for new jeans? No problem, you can just add as many as you wish (if only you have enough space, of course!).

If you’re already moving in with the boyfriend, here’s another reason to celebrate by extending his existing wardrobe with us! Or converting half his wardrobe space to yours? We are more than willing to help! Here’s an evil idea, you can even convert his wardrobe to and don’t tell him we taught you that!