OPSH Pole System Shoe Rack!


Let your shoe collection shine!

Hey ladies, how do you store your shoes at home?

I guess some of you surely have them all scattered over the floor. Or are you like me, you keep them just like you bought them, still in boxes! It keeps them intact, away from dust but it’s a pain in the ass when you need to find exactly that one pair of shoes and you have to go through all the boxes! Besides that, it doesn’t really save a lot of space to be honest.

If you’re like me, with two sisters and we must have like a total of a hundred pairs of shoes. Insane, yes, but we are ladies! Shoes are like bags, they are great accessorises to add on to our clothes… Have you heard about this phrase that says  “Shoes can define a person.” It tells about your style, and maybe a little more bit about yourself, especially to someone at the first impression. I feel proud when I go out on the first date and the guy notices my shoes and tells me they’re nice.

Did you know about the Pole System shoe rack? I think it’s every woman’s ideal way of displaying their shoes, this is exactly how it’s like when you go shopping for shoes. Everything is laid out neatly and you know exactly where what is. That way, I don’t have a headache searching high and low for the pair I wanted when I am in a rush for work in the morning!! Also, I will be very pleased to show them off to my girlfriends when they come over for a girls’ night… Feel free to try them on, babes!

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