OPSH is just different

If you’re still wondering why you should pick OPSH over the others, we will tell you why :)

Our system design & engineers flexible components, fixtures and bracket fittings, it enables versatile height adjustments; add on & removable features for all modular & accessory units. These unique features amplify storage configurations and organizing solutions.

Here, let me illustrate a good example:

A newlywed couple just moved in their new place and they made a customised wardrobe using our POLE system. They were pretty happy with what they had until 2 years later, a baby came along. Then priorities started to shift. Oh, now they need somewhere to contain their baby’s belonging. OPSH can simply add on another modular unit or two, and shift around what they have existing to customise to their needs. When the baby is old enough to crawl, walk and grab things and to keep them out of reach of the stuff, you can simply shift those units vertically upwards too! No hassle to change a wardrobe or get a new one!

The open concept wardrobe also saves you and your partner lots of cleaning time. You can easily spot it when it gets dirty and no cockroaches and lizards could hide or have any chance to set up a family there.

When the kids grow older and the place becomes too small to live in, the couple decided to move to a new place. So what happened to the customised wardrobe? It won’t go to waste!

Our OPSH system is also environmentally friendly; we can provide assistance to re-install them at the new place, providing that the site-measurements shouldn’t differ to much. Or in the worst case scenario, they decided to customise a new wardrobe. Then it is possible to even sell their existing customised wardrobe to someone else or even the new owner!

Why not?

Tell me how could you not like it!


2 thoughts on “OPSH is just different”

  1. Hi Li How,

    We uses melamine board, not chip board, & the finishes for our baskets, racks & accessories are either chromed or natural anodized. Therefore, specifications and finishes of others are not able to compliment OPSH system as a whole.

    However, feel free to visit our showroom to visit our accessories. We believe we have something you will like.

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