The big boy’s entertainment corner

Ask any man what they would love to have in their ideal home, I bet it is something to do with gadgets. My boyfriend would love to have a playstation corner where he can invite all his best mates over for some games and drinks.

Another of my male friends enjoys watching DVDs in the comfort of his home, and he spent a fortune building up his home theatre system. Big plasma screen, massage chairs accompanied by huge quality speakers.

A normal TV console will do the job for a television, DVD player and maybe a closet of DVD collection. But what if you’ve more…? A Nintendo Wii, Sony playstation, anold record player, a digital or retro-looking radio set and maybe a couple of speakers to enjoy the surround sound effect!

OPSH allows you to design your own shelving system. High or low, wide or narrow…? A bigger space on the left for Wii, a smaller space in the centre for DVD player, or even hide the magazines in the drawers. You can design it the way you want it!

Have we got your creative juice flowing? Why not try your hands on doing up a sketch and send it to us by 31st July 2010, we will be giving 10% discount for the top 5 designs- Fashion closet or Entertainment storage system.

Email your sketches to and closing date is 31 July 2010

Visit our showroom at 450 Sims Ave, Singapore.
Tel : 6466 6621 (12pm to 9pm)


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