Build a Sex and the City closet of your own

How to fulfil your dream of building a Sex and the City closet of your own?

A walk-in closet is every woman’s dream! Having said that, living in a Singapore HDB with space constraint, we have to be very wise with the use of our space. A double bed can easily take up half of the room in the new flat nowadays. Unlike Carrie’s, her bedroom is like the size of our lounge and her walk-in closet is easily the size of a guestroom in our flat!

So, how? How am I going to fulfil this dream?

My hopes are almost dashed till I realised there is this service where I can manually create my ideal wardrobe! They custom make them according to my liking! It means, I need not buy a ready made cupboard which doesn’t have the ideal compartments I want. I have lots of leggings and it is a headache how I have to dig through them each morning I want to wear them! I love to have my jackets hanged and the t-shirts and bottoms nice folded and separated according to their types. I also want to hang up my ties, oh, who says women can’t have ties? ;)

Now, I remember also that I have 3 boxes of accessories. I need a drawer for those too! These are all not a problem if I can get it customised! I’m beginning to really like this idea, I am able to utilise my space to suit exactly what I want and need at the same time. So often, we often need something but we are not able to get what we want. So we make do with whatever we can get. I guess, this is called evolution, and you’ve to discover this for yourself!

My Sex & the City Closet!

Feel free to email us your dream of Sex and City closet design sketches at

Or visit our showroom at 450 Sims Ave, Singapore.
Tel : 64666621 (12pm to 9pm)


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