Custom Made Wardrobe

Our clients would like to have their wardrobe build from one end to the other end of the room. However, there’s a window at the corner for the air-con which obstructs the way.

Based on our POLE system specialities and easy adjustable features, we are able to place hanging bars and shelving on that column, without obstructing the window. Our clients are able to remove the shelves and hanging bars easily for future air-con servicing.

The internal of the wardrobe is walnut finish, with bronze tinted clear glass as the material for the sliding door.

Lead time required from site-measurement, design and procurement stage is fourteen days. The installation was completed within one day.

Feel free to email us  at

Or visit our showroom at 450 Sims Ave, Singapore.
Tel : 64666621 (12pm to 9pm)

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