6 reasons OPSH Pole System is going to change your life

Have you heard of how eco-friendly OPSH pole system can be? Proud owners of our products had their pole system wardrobes dismantled and sent back to Korea to be reinstalled again. It is not only cost-saving but it saves the Earth. It is highly customizable and you will be surprised by what it can do to beautify your home and as well as maximizing your home storage space.


1. Book-Worm Favourite
Being a book fanatic is no longer a big issue. With pole system book cabinets, you have more than enough space to store your books within the cabinets to place hundreds or even thousands of books. The clear glass sliding door makes it easy for you to find the book you want and you have your own home library with style. You will be surprised to know that you can put a recommended weight of 20kg on your bookshelf.


2. For the Lazy
Everything is at a glance and if you do not have space for a walk in wardrobe, why not an open concept pole system wardrobe? You can just grab and go and yet everything is still tidy. No more worries about hanger space because it is highly customized for you! You can even hide the mirror placed on the pole system with a shutter.


3. The Luxurious Style
Walk-in wardrobes are women’s best friends. With pole system walk-in wardrobes, you can customize your storage space and even place a dresser in it! From the ground to the ceiling, every space is utilized for your perusal with pole system walk-in wardrobes. Giving you a grand entrance with our optical glass sliding doors, you have a luxurious walk-in wardrobe specially just for you.


4. Open-Concept Office Workspace
Beyond your imagination, we bring to you the pole system workspace. It maximizes space in either your office or your home and your drawers and shelving system can be customized to your liking. Having a home office is not an issue anymore because the pole system workspace is neat and can be built anywhere in your house. Open concept offices with the pole system workspace will not only be nice but it will also be catered to your needs.


5. Play Hide and Seek with your Household Tools
Your eyes are not playing tricks with you. The iron board can be customized into a pullout system and installed within our pole system. What better storage solution than a pole system that have shelves above the iron board to put the required household tools and a pullout ironing board beneath them? This is a great help when you are doing the arduous household chores!


6. Entertainment in your wardrobe
There is no need for your usual TV console when you have our pole system. We can hide your entertainment equipments right in your wardrobe and our pole system can withstand heavy TV, DVD players, game consoles and many more. No more dust on your equipments as they are well-hidden away!




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OPSH Kitchen Design


With three generations under one roof, the kitchen is the heart of the family as the entire family gathers for meals, cooked within this kitchen. As the client prefers earth colours, OPSH has specially picked champagne optical glass along with our signature Satin frame to construct the door façade. We have recommended the client to use Caesar Stone, Quartz in oyster brown finish for her kitchen table top.

The kitchen is designed such that it is a separated kitchen away from the washing bay so that dry food can be stored within these cabinets. Our kitchen specialist had also noted the importance of storage maximisation and the placement of a single door fridge beside the kitchen cabinets and came up with the design of an L-shaped kitchen for the client. Coupled with functionality and design, this kitchen is a satisfactory work for daily heavy cooking.

With OPSH in-house production line, our team was able to fabricate and install the entire kitchen within 3 weeks after finalizing the details and requirements with the client. The installation process was smooth as the floor and wall tiles are newly done up without any levelling issue.

As OPSH is able to match our products to the client’s ideal earth tone theme with our champagne outlook and matching table top, the client is very satisfied with our service and products.

OPSH Contemporary Kitchen Design


OPSH team took the challenge to design and construct a modern kitchen for landed property built in the late 80’s. The house owner is a professional doctorate so expectation is extremely high for the end product, especially the finishes and construction quality.

Our kitchen specialist designed a modern open concept kitchen that allows the family members to mingle around and not feel separated. The combination of OPSH white optical glass and wooden table, create a mix of rustic antiques and unfussy contemporary pieces of artwork.

With years of experience, our site team managed to overcome the working condition of the job site, as the corridor entrance is tight, therefore transportation of kitchen set have to be extremely careful.

This kitchen set was delivered and completed in the duration of 3 weeks.


Elegant White Kitchen for the Great Cook


Elegant all white kitchen with OPSH optical glass, brightened with undercabinet window, it create a lively, generous and cheerful kitchen which will inspire you to great culinary achievements. 

OPSH’s Optical Glass Door is 50% lighter compare to traditional panel and high scratch and heat resistance. The white glass surface finishing creates a simple and fresh appearance.


Spacious Living with Huge Kitchen


To create a modern kitchen then fashionable black and white theme could become an ideal solution. Thank to the OPSH white and black optical glass, it make the huge kitchen seem larger than it is and look amazing with such simple combination.

A big kitchen isn’t just luxury, it’s the heart of the home. Parties, casual family meals, holidays, quick breakfasts, chatting with friends while preparing dinner- it all happens here.

For maximum interactive, OPSH has design a layout with the kitchen open to the main gathering room, so that people can walk in and out. There is ample counter top surface, it providing extra room for guest to sit and snack.

In OPSH, every project is a chance to do something new and creative.


White Kitchen with OPSH Optical Glass

ImageUnlike fad colors, such as 1970 gold and avocado, white will never look dated. Straight-line OPSH white Optical Glass cabinets with hefty hardware look solid and promise longevity. In this kitchen, gray granite flooring adds contrast and helps incorporate the stainless-steel appliances and brushed-nickel hardware into the all-white kitchen.

It creates a wonderful backdrop for an elegant dining space.
ImageLED kitchen lights are one of the most important aspects of your home. Cabinets create shadows on the countertops, no matter how many down light you have. Under-cabinet lighting eliminates these shadows and directs the light directly on your counter, creating a nice task light to help you perform even the most critical tasks in the kitchen.

OPSH’s Optical Glass Door is 50% lighter compare to traditional panel and high scratch and heat resistance. The white glass surface finishing creates a simple and fresh appearance.

Pole System Walk-in Wardrobe and Modular Kitchen